Reproduction and Stud Services

Equine reproduction forms a large part of the Victorian Equine Group. Reproductive services are carried out in all areas and for many different clientele. These include; 
Thoroughbred, Standardbred and other Stud Work 

Our stud vets cover many studs of all sizes in the Bendigo, Eddington, Tylden and Echuca areas from the Bendigo Equine Hospital and many of the studs in the Nagambie, Avenel, Murchison area from the Nagambie based vets. On farm stud services include: 

• Mare reproduction and breeding – a complete stud/ breeding farm mare reproduction service 

• Foaling and neonatal foal care 

• Mare reproduction evaluations, infertility and problem mare evaluations 

• Artificial insemination with fresh, chilled and frozen semen 

• Embryo transfer 

• Stallion reproduction examinations, semen collection and evaluation 

• Routine farm preventative medicine – vaccinations, parasite control 

• abortion investigations and control 

• quarantine and biosecurity on farms 

• reducing the incidence of OCD and other developmental disorders in growing horses 

• Foal limb conformation evaluations and corrective procedures 

• Yearling sales endoscopy and radiography (click here for more information)

Specialist Reproductive Consults 

The Victorian Equine Reproductive Consultancy is a service run by our board certified specialist in equine reproduction, Dr Simon Robinson. This service is targeted towards the breeders experiencing subfertility and pregnancy loss in problem mares, subfertility in breeding stallions and evaluation of breeding stallions prior to purchase and for insurance purposes. 

Breeding – Individual Mare Owners 

For clients breeding small numbers of mares in the Bendigo or Nagambie areas, we are happy to scan your mares on farm. We do request that you have safe facilities (a crush with a securely closing back door) for our veterinarians. If travel costs for multiple visits become excessive, they can also be reduced by bringing your mare to the hospital facility, if you are located around Bendigo 

In Hospital Reproduction 

At the Bendigo Equine Hospital, we hospitalise mares for fresh, chilled and frozen semen. Hospitalising your mares for breeding is encouraged in the case of problem mares (requiring intensive daily treatment) or for local breeders of individual mares to reduce travel costs.