Fees and Charges

Trading Terms
  • Consultations  Payment is required in full at the time of consultation.
  • Surgery Payment is required in full on discharge. A deposit may be requested.
  • Hospitalisation Payment is required in full at the time of discharge, or at the end of each month of hospitalisation, whichever is sooner. A deposit may be requested.
Paying an account
We have a number of options available for you to choose from in order to pay your account:
  • Pay your account with cash at the clinic.

  • Pay your account with your EFTPOS card at the clinic.

  • Pay your account by Visa or MasterCard at the clinic, or by phoning the clinic and quoting your card details over the phone. We accept both credit and debit card payments.

Payment Plan – VetPay
Our clinic does not offer direct payment plans.  We can assist you to make arrangements with a third party provider, VetPay, if you need payment plan funding.  We do not receive a commission or any other type of payment or incentive from VetPay should you use their service.
About VetPay
VetPay is specifically designed to help you pay for veterinary expenses without the worry of high upfront costs.  It allows you to start your horse’s treatment immediately and pay for it over time. Vetpay will set up a payment plan and debit your bank account or credit card. You must pay the deposit required by Vet Pay directly to us, and VetPay will take care of the rest (pending approval and within the Vetpay limits). VetPay must be arranged before services are provided, and applications can be made and pre-approved 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

VetPay have a network of participating vets throughout Australia. By completing a pre-approval application you will find out whether you are eligible to use VetPay finance when you need it. Applying for pre-approval is valid for 90 days, is free of charge and you are not obliged to use VetPay. Once you have been pre-approved, you will be able to use VetPay at any participating vet.


To apply for VetPay during business hours click the button below or call 08 8465 1850. To apply for VetPay after-hours, our attending vet can put you in touch with VetPay staff at any time of night or day to arrange the funding you need for your services. 


Important note: VetPay funding can be put in place almost immediately, however, it must be arranged before services are provided.